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Meet the Team

Rae Marks
Founder of RAE-ZOR GBD

JJ Tucker, German Shepherd; Annabelle & Q, mini schnauzer, Miss Black & Sami Sunshine, DSH
Farm- Lady, Saddle bred/draft horse; Pusher, Tennessee Walker horse; Pearl, DSH cat, Suzie Q, Brownie Lou, Reverse, Emma, the twins, Billy, field goats

RAE-ZOR GBD started out as Rae Marks’ need for a career change. I was looking for something with a purpose. I wasn’t sure what that was until Georgy. Georgy was an old golden retriever that wandered up in the yard one day when it snowed. Georgy was a sick girl when she came up, and I loved and cared for her for approximately six months. With her passing, I was hooked on the love of a Golden. My next pair of Golden Retrievers, George Burns and Gracie Allen was the beginning of RAE-ZOR GBD. At the time, Lee County had a small community of groomers, and was in need of someone to handle large breed grooming.

Rae Marks, attended a private college for pet grooming and worked as an apprentice before becoming the groomer for Dr. John Shontz at All Animals Veterinary Hospital. She held this position for 6 years before Dr. John approached her with the opportunity to take over grooming and boarding along with adding daycare in the new facilities he was building. 14 years later….. Look what RAE-ZOR has become!

I love all animals, but my breed of choice is an Australian Shepherd. My love for them started in 2001 with Abigail Lynn. It has grown throughout the years with the addition of others as well as the loss, but Abigail will always be half my heart dog. The other half is occupied by an Aussie rescue named Maggie May. She was the RAE-ZOR mascot and everyone knew and loved her. As with dog people you understand that you love all your pets, but some steal something special in your heart.

Every day is a learning experience. Every day gives us the opportunity to grow. I have learned to see and focus on all the wonderful ways people care for and love their pets. You see a lot of negativity in the animal industry; we get to see the positivity and help make a difference in some of the negative situations.


Jennifer Lee Keiser-Perry
Boarding Facility Manager

Dogs- Cricket, Bloodhound & Elmer, the Basset Hound
Cats- Francesca “Frankie”, DSH Tabby; Bonnie, DSH Torti; Elle Mae, Snowshoe Manx; Milo, DSH Gray/White
Pigs- Savannah, Pickles & Penelope, Pot Belly Mix

The Good Lord imprinted my heart with the spirit of an animal from birth.  Both my parents loved animals from a little black and white rabbit named Peter, to my first dog, Bernie the St Bernard.  My mother, Rae Marks, turned her love into a glorious career.  I have always felt passionate about animals as long as I can remember. While some girls played with baby dolls, I watch national geographic.  I was so interested in how the world worked and how animals adapted.  (I still am to this day)  This triggered the need to read, learn, and study all I could about every animal I could find.

The first time I seen a dog show I was mesmerized.  I could not get over all the breeds, colors, and sizes.  It made my young mind spin in circles.  If you know me, then you know even as a child it sparked 10,000 questions.  Why does this dog stand this way?  Why does this dog have these colors?  What is a sporting group?  While I could read and learn the answers to these questions and more, it was my experience that truly taught me about the personality traits of different breeds as well as different dogs within the breed.  The majority of my experiences came from my own dogs and ones I would see on our frequent visits to the vet.

The launch of my career came later in life by way of my mom.  I had passion with no direction.  Instead of following my heart, I chose to follow numbers in school and attended college for Accounting.  (Little did I know this would help me in the long run.)  Seeing my mom work inspired me to want to do anything I could to work with animals.  She taught me how to groom, and I worked in the kennels at All Animals Vet Hospital on the side.  The rest is history.

RAE-ZOR GBD has allowed me to invest in my passion.  I get to experience firsthand different personalities and learning abilities.  I get to teach confidence to the timid, comfort to the scared, and structure to the scattered.  Basically, I get to learn a new language every day.  Words cannot express how blessed I am to live the life I am.  The best part is passing this knowledge down to my son, Corbin.  He is just as much a part of RAE-ZOR as my mother and I.  He is learning and developing his passion, which leans more towards cats then dogs.  I want him to explore his passion to the fullest.  Animals teach us about patience, love, compassion, and humanity in their own special way.  Knowledge is not spoken in words, but it is felt in the heart.


Molly Crilly

Lucy Lou, golden retriever & Joey, lab mix

In the future, I plan to graduate college and work in conservation of animals and their habitats

My favorite thing about working here is getting to know all of the dogs and their different personalities!

I have learned a lot about unconditional love and patience from working here.


Brieanna Starr

Fancy Rae & Bebe Make, mini schnauzers

In the future, I plan to keep working with animals.

My favorite thing about working here is spending time loving and playing with all the dogs.

What I have learned from the dogs is that they are always happy to see you no matter what.  They know how to comfort you when you are sad.  Dogs have a big heart.  They are loyal and fun to play with.  Dogs have different and unique personalities.  They don’t care who you are or what you look like as long as you love them and have patience with them.


Jacob Holliday

Charlie, golden doodle

In the future, I plan to have a career in dog training.

My favorite thing about working here is getting the chance to spend time with all the different breed and personalities of dogs.  Also, when Ollie comes to daycare!

I will always remember Cash, from daycare, jumping in the pool then immediately jumping in my lap.


Catherine Bryant

Gracie & Winnie, standard poodles; Willow & Reno, quarter horses

In the future, I would like to have an animal rescue for seniors.

My favorite thing about working here is getting to play and interact with all the dogs.

I have learned with a little bit of love, patience, and a lot of treats anything is possible!


Ashley Worledge

Jessee, Labrador; Montana McKoy, Lab Mix; Matilda Jane; half ninja/half cat

In the future, I plan on having a farm in Montana.

My favorite thing about working here is learning each dog’s personality.

I have learned how to truly LISTEN to someone or something.  Animals cannot use words, so using body language is key in communication.


Lindsey Warren

Dogs- Dolly, terrier mix; Buford, Chihuahua/schnauzer/terrier mix; Wilma, yorkie/beagle mix; Ruth, Rottie/Lab
Cats- Gladys, world’s sweetest cat, Waylon, typical cat

Farm- Herman, world’s best donkey, Boo & Mel, horses, Clide & Patsy Cline, chickens

In the future, I plan to keep ‘kicking butt and taking names’ while raising my son, Jethro, and farm animals.

My favorite thing about working here is the RAE-ZOR Family!

All my animals have taught me that kindness and patience goes a long way.  My dogs have taught me the value of forgiving and forgetting.  As rescues, they have been through a lot, but are so loving and treat every moment as a clean slate.


Teri Francis-Calcutt

Dakota Wayne, Shiba Inu, mix
Indoor Cats- Cali Jo Ricky, DLH Calico; Coco (Bitty), DSH Torti; Camila (Booger), DSH black; Marvin, DLH Black/White Tuxedo;  Zelda, Siamese; Java, DLH Black; Charmin, DLH Orange

Calcutt Colonies (Feral Cat Rescue):
Home Colony- Baxter, DLH white; Luna, DSH gray/white; Macy, DSH White/Black Spots; Annie, DSH White “Snake Charmer”; Salem, DSH black; Maddie, DSH black; Mr. Abby, Blue Russian; Max, DSH Black/White Tuxedo; Molly, DSH Black/White Tuxedo; Tony, DSH Tabby

Tended Colony- Orange Sherbert, DLH Orange/white, Fergie, DSH White/gray spots (sherbert’s main squeeze); The Twins, DSH orange/white; Tilly, DSH Calico; Hokus, DSH black

In the future, I would like to spay/neuter every cat in Lee County.

My favorite thing about working here is the RAE-ZOR Family’s great teamwork and happy atmosphere!

Lessons from Feral Cats:  Feral Cats that most people believe to be wild are merely afraid of people.  However, once spayed or neutered, they usually will bond with their caretaker.  Some of my most loving cats are in feral colonies.


Aleena Walker

Colonel, German short haired pointer

In the future, I plan on continuing to work with animals.

My favorite thing about working here is the RAE-ZOR team and all of the animals!

Something that I have learned while working at RAE-ZOR is almost no treats are left behind!


Rebecca Nunnery

Holly, Golden Retriever, Gabby, Boston Terrier

In the future, I would like to go to school to become a vet tech.

My favorite thing about working here is all the animals I have gotten to meet and care for.  It is truly my dream job!

My favorite memory would have to be watching my Grandmother’s newborn foal walk around for the first time.  I have wanted my own horse ever since.


Sandra Ruiz

Chibirica, Blue Beta Fish

My future plans would be to continue working at RAE-ZOR and take courses to help me improve my performance in the workplace.

What I like most about working at RAE-ZOR is that I don’t feel like I’m working because I enjoy it.  I like animals and I like taking care of them and I enjoy them.

All my life I have had animals: dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, rats, birds and others.  I have always dedicated time to all of them.  But while working here, I noticed that some of the dogs did not want to eat, some cried, some were nervous.  It was a way for them to show that they were scared without their families.  Since that moment I give them more attention, I take them out to the yard more time, play with them, five them their food in my hands.

Besides, it’s not just me.  At RAE-ZOR all the employees care about all of them.  It’s a great team and they have always made me feel comfortable, even though I speak very little English.

I will always be grateful for the opportunity to work there, as it was my first job when I came to this country.



We spend quality time with love with each of our guest! RAE-ZOR GBD because we are different!